Vegan Truffles Beat 141 Brands in Blind Taste Test

Chocolates made by United Kingdom brand Booja-Booja received top honors in Good Housekeeping’s annual Easter Egg Taste Test.


United Kingdom-based brand Booja-Booja was crowned the winner of The Good Housekeeping Institute’s annual Easter treat blind taste test. The company’s vegan hazelnut chocolate crunch truffles come in a hand-painted Easter egg container and were chosen—from an applicant pool of 142 brands—by 80 taste testers who scored the brand 89 points out of 100 based on factors such as taste, aroma, texture, and appearance. Other competitors included Lindt’s classic gold bunny, Sainsbury’s white chocolate bunny, and Cadbury’s eggs. “It’s clear that traditional retailers are having to do more and more to ensure consumers’ ever-evolving taste buds are satisfied,” Good Housekeeping consumer director Caroline Bloor said. “Seeing a vegan-friendly egg take the crown may come as a surprise to some, but this is why our famous blind tests are more important now than ever before.” In addition to chocolates, Booja-Booja makes cashew-based vegan ice cream that received several national awards last year.

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