Professional Football Player Tyrann Mathieu Goes Vegan

The Arizona Cardinal said, “I’m tired of eating poison.”


National Football League star safety Tyrann Mathieu recently revealed that he is transitioning to a vegan diet. To his 354,000 followers, the Arizona Cardinal tweeted, “I was tired of eating poison [and] was tired of supporting people that don’t support us in a healthy way.” Mathieu’s fans responded with reassuring words to help with his transition such as, “There are so many top athletes who are vegan. It’s myth you need meat to excel at sports.” New Orleans radio personality Raashad Evans asked the athlete how the vegan life was, to which Mathieu responded with, “Not there yet, it takes some time. But I’m energized more than ever!” Athletes such as former Chicago Bears football player David Carter—also known as The 300 Pound Vegan—have proven that consuming animal products is not necessary to succeed in professional sports.

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