7 Best Places for Vegan Frozen Yogurt

That swirly tang of frozen goodness whispers our name as the warm summer days approach.


In recent years, vegan ice cream and sorbet options have taken over the frozen sections at grocery stores. And while we can’t get enough of well-known brands such as So Delicious, Coconut Bliss, and NadaMoo, sometimes we want to diversify our cool sweet treats habit. In these moments, we reach for frozen yogurt.

Here is our list of the top eight yogurt shops—some mainstream, some full-blown vegan—that serve swirls of creamy, tangy dairy-free frozen yogurt … and not just sorbet.

We’re chanting our “oms” in praise of Los Angeles’ all-vegan frozen yogurt destination. This serene, studio-esque shop serves organic, soy-free, and kosher soft serve in yoga-themed flavors such as Peanut Butter Prana, Salted Caramel Zen, and Tantric Tart. Built upon housemade coconut, almond, or cashew bases, get yours in a gluten-free waffle cone topped with vegan gummy bears, dried mulberries, or mochi rice cakes. You’ll find us in child’s pose at every mention of Yoga-urt, and we suggest you work it into your regular yogurt-eating practice.

Opened in 1981, franchise TCBY partnered with soy milk brand Silk in 2013 to add dairy-free varieties to its menu. With 360 locations nationwide, this means you can get your yogurt fix at just about any mall in America. While TCBY isn’t a zen garden of vegan frozen desserts, it does offer vanilla almond, chocolate almond, and seasonal almond nog flavors of vegan yogurt along with fresh berry and fruit toppings.

Most of Pinkberry’s vegan flavors are sorbets, but the Just Fruit Strawberry, Peach Passion, Tropical Mango and the Coconut Milk Coconut are full-blown fro-yo. The best part? The Just Fruit-varieties have zero added sugar. Ask your server politely and maybe they’ll pack on those hand-cut strawberries, toasted almonds, and mango popping boba toppings.

With seven different varieties of soy-based yogurt, you can stop into any TuttiFrutti knowing you’ve got a plethora of frozen options from which to choose. Depending on your mood, you can go plain with a serving of soy yogurt or go wild with a Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich Swirl that’ll feel like lunchtime in elementary school. This franchise has 700 locations worldwide, so vegan adventurers can get their fro-yo fix in places such as Singapore, Peru, Nigeria, and a cone full of others.

Opened in 2013 by brothers Adrian and Cosmin Bota, these Cleveland, OH shops offers organic coconut milk-based options made with live cultures and fair-trade sugar that not only satisfy your craving for a cold treat but provide a healthy dose of calcium, vitamin D, and fatty acids derived from coconut. The fresh pomegranate seeds, raspberries, and chunks of kiwi bring out the natural tang of this delicious yogurt, but it’s Piccadilly’s commitment to using local ingredients that keep us coming back for more.

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Order soy vanilla or soy chocolate if you’re looking for a creamy yogurt, or AriZona lemon Iced Tea, Green Apple, or Berry Medley Sorbet if something fruity is what you desire. The idea behind the franchise is to give customers the tools to be their own yogurt chef, so top your chocolate yogurt with goji granola, peanut butter sauce, and all the berries you can handle. The company added vegan options to its menu in 2014 and uses compostable cups and spoons.

Pressed Juicery
Started in 2010 by three friends with a passion for juicing, this California cold-pressed chain known for its juices, cleanses, and nut milks got into the fro-yo game with the introduction of “Freezes.” The company currently offers four frozen flavors, including two creamy varieties made with almonds, dates, vanilla beans, and a touch of sea salt. This pure frozen bliss is ideal for health-obsessed consumers, and those who want clean ingredients that won’t set off a sugar coma.

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