Pregnant Sisters Launch Vegan Dessert Sushi Brand

Vegan Rice Krispies Treats stand-in for sushi rice, and gelatin-free candies replace fish in creations made by sisters Kasia Mierzejewska and Emilia Augustyn for their allergen-free brand Sweet Sushi Factory.


Sisters Kasia Mierzejewska and Emilia Augustyn launched last month Sweet Sushi Factory—a company that re-imagines sushi as vegan dessert. The sisters first developed the concept when they were both pregnant (Mierzejewska is due in two weeks) and craved sweets that would be safe to consume and free of allergens. Illinois-based Sweet Sushi Factory—which ships to all 50 states—now sells a selection of sushi-shaped vegan treats made with a base of crispy rice cereal held together by melted vegan marshmallows from Trader Joe’s and topped with gelatin-free candy served with a chocolate dipping sauce. The sisters co-own eatery The Heart of Europe Cafe, where they sell Polish pastries (with some vegan options), coffee, and smoothies, while providing a play area for children. “We know how hard it is for people with allergies and different food preferences to find sweets that they can all enjoy,” Mierzejewska told VegNews. “There has always been a lot of people asking for special orders with no dairy, gluten-free, and vegan.” To fulfill this demand, Mierzejewska and Augustyn removed all animal products in their recipe for classic Chimney Cakes—a traditional Hungarian spiral-shaped pastry. The sisters plan to pen a vegan dessert cookbook and are working with local hotels to offer their dessert sushi as treats to hotel guests.

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