Samuel L. Jackson Appears in New Vegan Documentary

Eating You Alive also stars James Cameron, magician Penn Jillette, and a host of medical professionals advocating for optimal health by way of a plant-based diet.


Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson poses the question, “C’mon, what’s on your plate?” in the new vegan documentary, Eating You Alive. Produced by global entertainment company Garden Fresh Media, the film explores the dietary causes behind illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, uncovers how the animal agriculture industry has promoted disease-causing foods, and offers a solution with a whole foods, vegan diet. The trailer to the documentary opens with the powerful statement, “People aren’t living longer; they’re dying longer,” before delving into how consuming animal products has led to widespread illness. In addition to actors, vegan advocates, and athletes, the film features various healthcare professionals who admit that nutrition training is largely absent from medical school curriculums. A similar film entitled What the Health produced by Kip Andersen and Keenan Kuhn—the duo behind acclaimed documentary Cowspiracy—is currently in post-production. The topic of plant-based nutrition as medicine is not only trending on the screen, but is now extending to conversations within the medical industry—with a record number of doctors attending educational conferences on the topic this year. Eating You Alive is holding screenings in select cities around the country with a planned theatrical release in the United States and abroad in the near future.

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