Schwarzenegger and Cameron Urge Public to Cut Meat

Terminator actor and director team up for a public service announcement to urge Americans and Chinese to eat less meat.

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Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and film director James Cameron recently appeared in a public service announcement to urge people to slash their meat consumption. The pair—along with Chinese actress Li BingBing—will appear in a video produced by environmental organization Wildaid addressing the effect of eating meat on the climate with the tagline “less meat, less heat, more life.” The PSA will be used to assist Chinese citizens in reducing their meat consumption in accordance with China’s recently released dietary guidelines. Schwarzenegger stressed the need to appeal to the Chinese population, where American culture is imported and embraced, stating, “They’re picking up all our bad habits and applying them to a middle class that’s bigger than the entire population of America.” The Terminator star also noted, “The irony is they’ve had it right for centuries, and they’re only changing now to be like us.” In a behind the scenes look at the PSA, Schwarzenegger noted that his doctor recommended he eat less meat, and in doing so, the actor said he feels great and doesn’t need meat to be strong. Cameron and his family has been vegan for several years and founded all vegan school MUSE in California. “If the world ran like my sets do,” Cameron said, “everybody would be plant-based right now.”

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