A number of schools near Glasgow now provide vegan options to students upon request, thanks to a legal push by organization Go Vegan World. Previously, a district in East Renfrewshire refused to honor a parent’s request to provide vegan food at schools, an issue that Go Vegan World pointed out was a violation of human rights. “Vegans have the same protections as those who hold religious beliefs,” Go Vegan World Legal Counsel Barbara Bolton told local media outlet Evening Times. “They have the right to live according to their moral conviction that it is wrong to use and kill other animals and they must not be discriminated against. We are working to raise awareness among vegans so they have the information they need to challenge rights breaches, whether that be a failure to provide suitable food in school, hospital, or prison, difficulties at work, or challenging indoctrination in school through teaching in a way that conflicts with the vegan philosophy.” Local authorities revived the request and now a vegan meal option is available upon request. “We provide more than 11,000 meals every day across all our schools and cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, including allergen-free, kosher, halal, celiac, and gluten-free options,” an East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said. “Any parent or carer who requests a meal to meet the needs of a special diet, which includes vegan meals, will be catered for to ensure we continue to offer a wide-ranging menu which is inclusive for all.”

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