Seinfeld-Inspired Vegan Diner Comes to Glasgow

Vegan eatery Serenity Now will make its own plant-based meats and cheeses, offer daily breakfast, and have absolutely no soup for you.


Vegan diner Serenity Now Cafe—named after an episode of hit sitcom Seinfeld—will open next month in Glasgow. The eatery will feature a menu that changes daily, with breakfast, brunch, and lunch specials created with housemade plant-based meats and cheeses, along with vegan dog treats. Serenity Now co-founder Amelia Dagger—who adopted a vegan lifestyle in 2003—tells VegNews that while the eatery will not be a full recreation of Monk’s Café, it will feature plenty of Seinfeld references and jokes. “It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own café to show how varied and exciting vegan cuisine can be,” Dagger tells VegNews, “and Glasgow was the perfect place to do it because of how strong the scene already is here.” The vegan scene in Glasgow recently expanded with another creative concept—Nirvana-themed café In Bloom, where it always smells like teen spirit.

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