Vegan startup YUMGO recently launched its first product, YUMGO Blanc (vegan egg whites), in France. The company first introduced vegan egg whites into the foodservice sector in January to allow bakers to test the product in making traditional pastries such as  macrons, meringues, mousses, and financiers. This month, the company launched its egg whites—made with potato starch, acacia fiber, and linen fiber—at several retailers in France to allow home cooks to experiment with YUMGO Blanc. 

YUMGO was founded in February 2019 by baker and pastry chef Randolphe Landemaine (owner of bakery chain Maison Landemaine and vegan bakery Land & Monkeys) and marketing specialist Anne Vincent, in partnership with food engineer Anne Cazor. “With YUMGO, we wanted to create a plant-based egg substitute that is easy to use. [It is] a plant-based ingredient that allows pastry chefs to replace eggs in their recipe with the same quantity and the same steps [so that] you can have a result similar to a recipe with eggs,”  Vincent said. 

The company is currently working to develop an egg-yolk alternative along with whole egg replacers and pastry bases. YUMGO aims to expand internationally in 2021.

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