Food industry insight company Foodable Labs has revealed that 51 percent of chefs in the United States have added vegan items to their menus in 2018—an increase of 31 percent over last year. Foodable Labs found that tagging and sharing posts of plant-based foods increased by 79 percent among those who identified as influencers on social media, with 49 percent of those individuals demanding more plant-based options at restaurants. The research firm concludes that adding vegan menu items is a profitable move, resulting in a 13-percent increase in business this year alone. Vegan restaurant owners have noticed a shift in public perception in regards to plant-based foods in recent years.  “It’s no longer about interruptive marketing and manipulating someone’s purchasing choices; it’s really about communicating who we are, what we do, [and] what we believe in,” Nicole Marquis, CEO of vegan restaurant HipCityVeg, said. “I think the driving force is definitely shared value.”

Photo courtesy of HipCityVeg

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