Supermarket Chef Creates New Vegan Bleeding Burger

The No Bull burger will be available in the freezer aisle at United Kingdom grocery chain Iceland.


The No Bull burger—a vegan patty developed to mimic the taste and texture of beef—will be available in the freezer aisle at United Kingdom-based grocery chain Iceland in April. Neil Nugent, executive chef for the supermarket, created the burger with soy protein and paprika, and colored it with beets to give it a “bleeding” quality. “We are trying to get those people who want to drop meat once or twice a week,” Nugent told media outlet The Sun. “This is our first foray into our own-brand vegan. It’s been a real challenge to get the succulence right.” The new generation of vegan “bleeding” burgers was first popularized by United States-based brands Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods—who launched their respective plant-based patties in 2016—and has since inspired companies around the world to produce similar vegan products, including UK-based Moving Mountains Foods and Don Lee Farms, which debuted its organic vegan patty at Costco last month.

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