Lucky for the vegan-inclined, there are impossibly tasty chicken sandwiches beyond Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, and no animals were harmed in the making of them. Not only are these 18 vegan twists on the classic chicken sandwich better for you, but they’re much kinder choices for the animals and the planet, too. And if you think you’ll be sacrificing taste or texture by biting into one of these bad boys, you’d be wrong. Bring a friend and a napkin—your taste buds (and your worldview) will never be the same again.

VegNews.AtlasMonroeAtlas Monroe

1 Atlas Monroe

Multiple locations, plus nationwide shipping

This company may have engineered the perfect vegan fried chicken recipe, and it just happens to be plant-based. Not only was it the first vegan chicken producer to enter the competitive National Fried Chicken Festival in New Orleans in 2018, but it was also deemed Best Dish by Extra Crispy editor Ryan Grim. The menu has expanded from buckets to buns—putting its finger-licking, crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside vegan chicken between slices of bread. Plus, Atlas Monroe markets its famous chicken online for nationwide shipping. Cooks, to your dredging stations! There are a lot of orders to fill.  

Vegnews.Veggie Grill Santa Fe Chick'n Sandwich[63]Veggie Grill

2 Veggie Grill

Multiple locations

One of the earliest vegan restaurants to compete in the chicken sandwich games, Veggie Grill’s signature menu item rivals even the buzzy newcomers. For over a decade, Veggie Grill has been the place where omnivores gently place their hand on their vegan friend’s knee, look them in the eye, and say, “This isn’t vegan.” The chain’s new slogan should be, “Veggie Grill: successfully duping omnivores since 2006.” The Santa Fe Chick’n is a standout sandwich comprised of a juicy, meaty chick’n patty, romaine, sliced tomato, red onion, mashed avocado, and spicy mayo on a toasted wheat bun. Dare we say it rivals Wendy’s chicken sandwich? Yes, yes we do. 

VegNews.SluttyveganDaniel Burapovong

3 Slutty Vegan

Multiple locations

It’s more than just the name that attracts attention; the food at this Atlanta fast-food concept is equally headline-grabbing. Opt for the Chik’N Head which offers a sweet and savory sandwich experience—the housemade crispy plant-based chicken is tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce, cooled down with a slather of vegan ranch and coleslaw, balanced with a bit of acid from a few pickles, and held between two slightly sweet and fluffy Hawaiian buns. As with all of its sandwiches, this handhold is served with a side of Slutty Fries.

VegNews.GreenNewAmericanGreen New American

4 Green New American Vegetarian

Phoenix, AZ

A play on a certain fast-food chain featuring a red-headed female mascot, the Wendy’s Pickle sandwich outshines the original. With only a few pickles, hot sauce, and mayo to accompany it, the Southern-style breaded vegan chicken patty is truly the star of the sandwich. The toasted ciabatta bread acts as the perfect serving vessel. Order with one of the unique sides such as thyme fries, fried Brussels sprouts, tahini coleslaw, fruit, or Grandma’s Chili. 

VegNews.TheSouthernVThe Southern V

5 The Southern V

Nashville, TN

The country music capital’s first vegan restaurant offers a bit of Southern charm along with a great fried chicken sandwich. Diners have a few options here—go for the reliable Chick’n Sandwich simply stacked with a seasoned and fried seitan-based chicken cutlet, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion; or the Hot Chick’n Sandwich that includes all the above with a significantly spicy hot sauce. Pair your sandwich with a complimentary Southern-style side from mac and cheese to turnip greens.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 11.51.53 AM@minneapoldish/Instagram

6J. Selby’s

St. Paul, MN

Sometimes you just crave a classic chicken sandwich, and J. Selby’s Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich will satisfy your tastebuds. This hot handhold consists of a perfectly fried and battered, crispy-on-the-outside-and-moist-on-the-inside plant-based chicken patty topped with lettuce, sweet pickles, and mayo on a bun. 

VegNews.LettuceFeastLettuce Feast

7Lettuce Feast

Los Angeles, CA

Truth be told, this vegan food truck goes relatively light on the lettuce. It’s all about that crispy, crackly vegan fried chicken. Wait patiently in line for your Nashville Sando or Classic Sando. Both are made with the company’s homemade crispy chicken patty and vegan buttered bun—though the OG is paired with pickles and secret sauce, while the Nashville comes with slaw, ranch, and your choice of hot sauce. Again, there’s no need to be a hero. The Original, Mild, Medium, and Hot Honey sauces are spicy enough. Only true heat-seekers should take on the more advanced hot sauce dipping options. 


VegNews.StefanosSandwichesJustin Nelson

8Stefano’s Sandwiches

Toronto, Canada 

Compliments tend to hold more gravitas when coming from an omnivore, and when that omnivore happens to be a celebrity, you might as well call in the Michelin team to hand out a star. Actor Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek fame gushed over this plant-based fried chicken sandwich co-created by Discovery Channel host Ziya Tong. The restaurant sources its vegan chicken from Barcelona-based company Heura and coats it in Tong’s top-secret spice blend. The meaty filling is accompanied by preserved chilies, vegan mayo, shredded lettuce, and pickles all held together by a crusty ciabatta roll.

VegNew.ModernLoveOModern Love Omaha

9Modern Love

Omaha, NE and Brooklyn ,NY

Tofu is a trickster—you’d never know this succulent, fried patty was soy in disguise. Modern Love’s take on the classic pairs fresh ingredients with golden-fried lusciousness. Don’t miss the restaurant’s other chicken dishes such as the Mushroom Fried Chick’n. 

VegNews.HipCityVegMeatless Molly


Multiple locations

Residents of Washington, DC and Philadelphia rejoice: this decadent sando is in your neck of the woods. Sink your teeth into the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich. It’s got all the classic toppings—lettuce, onion, and pickles—but the peppercorn ranch offers a pleasant touch of heat without moving into Nashville hot territory. 

VegNews.ThebeetboxThe BeetBox

11The BeetBox

Warr Acres, OK

Initially launched as a food truck by two young vegan entrepreneurs craving comfort in their college town, this middle-of-America kitchen serves the best vegan chicken sandwiches around (and it’s not just because they’re the only vegan concept around). Their chickenless sandwich menu allows patrons to customize their handhold with a variety of sauces and heat levels. Dare to go spicy or slather on the Eat Mor Chkn sauce that will remind you of a certain non-vegan chain that’s closed on Sundays. This vegan chicken sandwich is transforming its community one sandwich at a time. 

VegNews.Chicken.HerbieButchersFriedChickenHerbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken


12Herbie Butcher’s Fried Chicken

Minneapolis, MN

After five years of success, America’s first vegan butchery has expanded. The Herbivorous Butcher co-founders Kale and Aubry Walch didn’t open another general butcher shop, though. They jumped into the vegan fried chicken market. From buckets to strips, wings, and sandwiches—Herbie Butcher’s has it all. 


13 Hartbreakers

Brooklyn, NY

Fans of Champ’s Diner and Screamers Pizza have a new joint to check out. This ’70s-themed quick-service spot specializes in vegan fried chicken in all forms—buckets, bowls, tenders, and sandwiches. The namesake Hartbreaker made with fried chik’n, cheese, pickles, sambal mayo, and hot honee will erase any memories of Popeye’s or Chick-fil-A. 



Los Angeles, CA

For those who love to customize, Wolfie’s has options. From Nashville to Seoul, there’s a vegan fried chicken sandwich for every taste and level of spice tolerance. Each handhold features a juicy, crispy chicken patty accompanied with something spicy, something creamy and cool, something fresh and crispy, and something pickled. This combination of flavors and textures will light your dopamine receptors on fire. 


15PLNT Burger

Multiple locations

Beyond a reputable vegan fried chicken sandwich, PLNT Burger has something Popeye’s doesn’t have—soft serve. Choose from the original Crispy Chick’n Sandwich or add some heat with the Spicy Chick’n Sandwich before you jump into dessert. 

VegNews.WinterParkSandwichWinter Park Biscuit Co.

16Winter Park Biscuit Co.

Orlando, FL

Come for the vegan biscuits, return for the succulent vegan fried chicken. For a classic chicken sando opt for the Crispy Chik Sandwich. It features a housemade chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo on a brioche bun. But be sure you don’t miss The OG featuring a crispy cutlet stuffed between oat buttermilk biscuits with your choice of sauce. 

VegNews.MontysMonty’s Good Burger

17 Monty’s Good Burger

Multiple location, Southern California

The vegan equivalent of In-N-Out has entered the vegan fried chicken sandwich wars. Coined Charlie’s Chicken Sandwich, the housemade fried chicken is a departure from the chain’s menu which has formerly relied on Impossible Foods patties to create its addictively good burgers. The crispy chicken sandwich has little to detract from the main feature—the only condiments include pickles and vegan mayonnaise. Beyond the seasonal rotation of specialty dairy-free milkshakes, Charlie’s Chicken Sandwich is the first new menu item since Monty’s first opened its original Los Angeles location in 2018.  

VegNews.ChickenSandwich.HartHouseHart House

18 Hart House

Los Angeles and Monrovia, CA

At Kevin Hart’s plant-based chain, customers can choose between the Deluxe Crispy Chick’n and the spicy Deluxe Hot Crispy Chick’n. Both sandos feature a housemade chicken patty, vegan-friendly honey mustard, pickles, and the chain’s Kale Krunch Slaw. For added spice, the Deluxe Hot Crispy Chick’n features a patty dipped in Hart Hot Sauce. Order with a refreshing iced tea and a side of fries to complete your meal.
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