Starting January 7, TGI Fridays will add an all-vegan burger to the menu of its United Kingdom locations. The Fridays Vegan Burger will be made with a mushroom- and coconut oil-based patty that “bleeds” beet juice and is served with lettuce, tomato, and onion, as well as a side of salad or fries. In 2018, TGI Fridays added the pea protein-based Beyond Burger to 465 locations across the United States after a successful trial run in the Boston area. “We launched our vegan burger in the States last year and have been inundated with messages asking if we planned to bring it to the UK. So, it is here by popular demand,” Terry McDowell, TGI Fridays’ head chef, said. “We’ve put a lot of research and effort into ensuring we offer the best vegan burger in town, as well as one that comes with a 100-percent vegan bun.” This week, several fast-food chains in the UK added vegan options, including McDonald’s which debuted a vegan chicken wrap that can be ordered in a Happy Meal and on the adult menu as a larger meal. Stateside, Carl’s Jr. announced a partnership with Beyond Meat that brings the “Beyond Famous Star” burger—ordered vegan without cheese and mayonnaise—to the menu of more than 1,000 locations nationwide.

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