TGI Fridays Rolls Out New Vegan Dishes Across UK

British diners can now feast on vegan bruschetta, alfredo pasta, garlic bread, and avocado hummus at the international chain restaurant.


United States-based brand TGI Fridays debuted a new vegan menu this week at its United Kingdom locations. Terry McDowell, head of food and beverages at TGI Fridays UK, created the menu to attract vegan consumers—which, according to The Vegan Society, have increased by 360 percent in the region in the last decade. “Fridays has always been on the cusp of new food trends in the UK, and we felt the time was right to put a focus on new vegan items on our menu to cater to the ever-increasing demand,” McDowell said. “Fridays is all about being inclusive, and the latest menu change allows us to cater to everyone who wants to try Fridays’ famous, bold flavors.” The new vegan options include Smoked Tomato Bruschetta (heritage tomatoes spiced with garlic and basil served on toasted ciabatta bread and topped with balsamic glaze), Roasted Veg Alfredo Pasta (penne pasta combined with a mix of roasted vegetables and a vegan alfredo sauce topped with arugula), Garlic Ciabatta Bread, and Avocado Hummus. Stateside, TGI Fridays partnered with Beyond Meat last year to add the vegan company’s Beyond Burger to 465 locations.

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