Last week, The Try Guys consumed copious amounts of alcohol and sampled vegan fast food in their new food challenge video—viewed more than 600,000 times. The Try Guys—who previously worked at BuzzFeed but started their own company last year—created the video to promote a portion of their new book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up, wherein Try Guy Keith Habersberger, known for his gluttonous “Eat the Menu” challenges, adopted a plant-based diet in an effort to eat healthier. The Guys start the challenge with a baked potato from Wendy’s, which both Habersberger and fellow Try Guy Eugene Lee Yang enjoyed thoroughly. “The vegan diet has changed me as a person, it is very interesting,” Habersberger said. “I do crave plants.” Try Guy Zach Kornfeld expressed his disdain for the Wendy’s option, stating, “Is this the only vegan thing at Wendy’s? You’ve got to feed your family and you’re vegan and you go to Wendy’s … all you can eat is a [expletive] potato. It’s like the Irish famine all over again.” The Guys go on to sample vegan sofritas burritos from Chipotle (which they all agreed was their favorite vegan option); hacked vegan burgers from McDonald’s (a patty-less burger that they enhanced with a hash brown and, unfortunately not vegan, fries); and black bean burritos from Taco Bell. While sampling the food, Yang had an epiphany that all fast food tastes the same, vegan or otherwise. “Chipotle was the best example where you can get sofritas or you can get chicken but they’re exactly the same flavoring,” Yang said. “If you’re getting fast food, if there is a vegan option, [it is] not that dissimilar from the meat option.” The Try Guys did not sample the newest vegan options available at other fast-food chains such as Burger King’s Impossible Whopper, Del Taco’s Beyond Avocado Taco, and Carl’s Jr. Beyond Famous Star. While Habersberger returned to eating animal products after completing the book, his experience with the plant-based diet is woven into new Try Guys videos—which the group shares with more than three million followers twice per week.  

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