New vegan supplement brand Wholier recently launched to provide vegans with supplements they can trust. The brand’s simplified multivitamin includes vitamins B12, D3 (sourced from algae), and K2 (sourced from fermented chickpeas), plus omega-3 (sourced from spirulina), iron, zinc, iodine, and magnesium, and are packaged in liquid-filled beadlet capsules that help increase absorption and release with a delay to prevent nausea, even if they are taken without food. Wholier founder Lisa Gonzalez-Turner worked with a doctor and team of nutritionists to tailor the supplement formula for vegans and prioritized safe sourcing—meaning each batch is tested three times during the manufacturing process to ensure the ingredients, beadlets, and finished capsules are safe and uncontaminated. “After speaking with hundreds of vegan-ish people, I found that many struggled with supplementing, as I did,” Gonzalez-Turner told Well and Good. “I wanted to take the guesswork out of supplementing a vegan, vegetarian, or mostly plant-based diet by creating a single multivitamin with everything you need and nothing extra.” Wholier vitamins are available through a monthly subscription which you can pause, skip, or cancel at any time.

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