Unilever-owned brand Schmidt’s partnered with The Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) to create an all-vegan deodorant line dedicated to ethologist and animal-rights activist Jane Goodall, which will soon be available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide. “Schmidt’s asked me what was my favorite flower scent, and lily of the valley has always been my favorite,” Goodall—who celebrates her 85th birthday today—told Ad Age. “When I was growing up there were lilies of the valley growing outside my front door, my back door, and taking over my grandmother’s run of beans, and I just loved the smell.” The new line features Goodall’s favorite scent in three products: Natural Deodorant, Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin, and Body Wash. “The Jane Goodall Institute picks its partners very carefully,” Goodall said. “Their ethical values have to coincide with our own. This partnership is benefiting us financially but it’s also tying in with our belief that we should not be buying products that have harmed the environment, and we need to buy products that are ethically made where we can feel very happy we are helping the planet.” Prior to the Whole Foods launch, the new line can be purchased online through Schmidt’s, which will donate five percent of proceeds toward supporting JGI’s animal conservation work.

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