Three Vegan Supermarkets Open in Paris

Naturalia Vegan market becomes the first national retail chain dedicated to vegan products.


Last week, French supermarket chain Naturalia (part of the Casino Group) simultaneously opened three all-vegan markets across Paris. The supermarket became the first vegan-dedicated store in the country—where veganism is steadily growing, according to French media outlet Le Figaro—and carries more than 2,000 animal-free organic food, beauty, and lifestyle products. The three new stores are converted versions of the original Naturalia markets—of which there are current 150 nationwide with 20 more planned for 2017—and are branded as “Naturalia Vegan.” The market joins a growing number of all-vegan retailers sprouting worldwide. London welcomed its first vegan supermarket, GreenBay, in May, one month after the world’s largest vegan retailer (The Cruelty Free Shop) opened its doors in Australia.

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