Award-winning vegan pizzeria Purezza will open its fourth location in Bristol, UK in August 2020. The new location will take over the site of a former butcher shop most recently occupied by Pigsty, a meat-centric barbecue restaurant. The new restaurant will feature upcycled furniture, eco-friendly decorations, and organic plants and offer a menu that will include Purezza’s award-winning pizzas, cocktails, a full gluten-free menu, and raw items such as tiramisu for dessert.

“We absolutely adore Bristol. It is a fantastic diverse and welcoming city, we have been looking at opportunities to open here since Purezza began back in 2015,” Tim Barclay, Purezza co-founder and co-owner, said. “Having taken part in the wonderful Bristol Vegfest a couple of times, it was always an amazing experience and it made us eager to put some roots down. We’re thrilled that the time has finally come to open our doors and join the thriving restaurant community that exists here, while bringing our plant-based pizzas to the people of Gloucester Road and beyond.”

In 2015, Purezza opened in Brighton as the UK’s first vegan pizzeria before expanding to a two-story London location. The company also recently opened its own vegan cheese factory and in 2019, became the first vegan entrant to win an award in the prestigious Campionato Mondiale Della Pizza (World Pizza Championship) in Parma, Italy. The Bristol location will open at the same time as Purezza’s third location in Brighton & Hove inside a closed pâtisserie—which will become the first all-vegan restaurant in the South East England city.

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