British vegan brand Moving Mountain Foods will be the first brand to offer plant-based meat at London’s Smithfield Market—the United Kingdom’s largest meat market which has been in operation for 800 years. The Moving Mountains vegan burger will soon be available from meat supplier P.J. Martinelli. The supplier’s decision to stock the burger reflects the growing demand for plant-based products. “We have trialled a wide range of plant-based products on the market and have no hesitation in recommending Moving Mountains to our clients as the highest quality and best flavor in the marketplace,” Paul Martinelli, managing director of P.J. Martinelli, said. “Our company always provides the widest choice and we see this as a natural addition to our product range.” The groundbreaking move comes just weeks after protesters from animal-rights organization Animal Rebellion camped outside Smithfields Market to protest against the meat industry’s exploitation of animals for food and its impact on the climate emergency. Protesters blockaded the market and filled the usual meat stalls with fruit and vegetables to communicate a bold vision of how Smithfield must operate in a future plant-based system.

Photo Credit: Moving Mountains

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