United Kingdom-based vitamin company We Are Feel is seeking five meat-eating individuals to undergo a three-month study which aims to find out if any deficiencies can occur when you become vegan. Participants—who must be between the ages of 18 and 60 and not have any pre-existing health conditions—will be paid £2,000 ($2571.11) to follow a plant-based meal plan and take weekly blood samples for the company’s use. Researchers will measure the nutrient and mineral levels of participants’ blood, including B12, folate, iodine, vitamin C and vitamin D, for the first month before introducing their flagship multivitamin. The goal of the study is to determine which products can help support those who are switching to veganism. “The development of our products is the most important thing to us as a business and brand—we’re dedicated to creating quality multivitamins that actually work, and as with all of our products, we’re constantly looking at ways to develop them further,” We Are Feel founder Boris Hodakel said. “These tests have been planned for a while, and after turning vegan recently myself, I can’t wait to see the findings.” We Are Feel will be selecting five successful candidates on November 11 and plans to start the study in early December. Interested individuals can submit an application form on the company’s website.

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