Ron Cope, an executive sous chef at Universal Orlando, recently shared his recipe for Jack’D Up Mac, a vegan mac and cheese dish available at the resort’s Skeleton Bar—a Halloween-themed transformation of Cafe La Bamba. The recipe is built upon cavatappi pasta, features two types of vegan cheese (pizza and parmesan) is “jack’d up” with a variety of mix-ins (mushrooms, bell peppers, and crumbled vegan sausage), and is elevated with a touch of vegan pesto. 

“We were looking for a Halloween item for our vegan guests that frequent our parks,” Cope told TODAY. “I personally enjoy vegan food, although I’m not a strict vegan, and love to find new products that are available as well as explore the simplicity of different vegetable flavors and textures. We wanted to create something that was recognizable as well as satisfying for our vegan guests.”  

Unfortunately, the vegan mac and cheese will be off the menu at Universal Orlando after Halloween on November 1. Luckily, with Cope’s recipe, guests can now make the popular dish at home. 

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