Vegan Burritos Feed LA’s Homeless

Burrito Project LA makes hot vegan meals from donated fillings to feed homeless populations in Los Angeles.

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Media outlet Vice recently profiled vegan food advocacy group Burrito Project LA—a 10-year project dedicated to feeding homeless populations in Los Angeles. The group is a gathering of friends and advocates that use donated would-be wasted produce to create burritos filled with rice, beans, lettuce, and guacamole. The burritos are then distributed to areas of high homeless concentration, along with donated Boxed Water. “One thing I want people to take away from Burrito Project LA is to just do one thing,” Burrito Project LA chapter leader Aubrie Davis said. “Don’t be like, ‘The world is ending, everything sucks. For us, that meant giving burritos away to people who need it. Whatever you believe in, volunteer, commit to it, and start a momentum.”

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