Vegan Company Secures $5 Million Investment

Meal delivery service Purple Carrot recently raised an additional $5 million in funding.

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Vegan meal kit delivery service Purple Carrot recently raised an additional $5 million in investment funding from Windsail Capital. “(CEO) Andy (Levitt) and his team at Purple Carrot have achieved impressive growth over the last 18 months,” Michael Rand, managing director of the investment group, said. “We see tremendous potential in the Purple Carrot model and are looking forward to this new partnership.” Former New York Times columnist Mark Bittman joined the startup last year, and his name quickly brought media attention to the vegan company. While Bittman recently left Purple Carrot on amicable terms to pursue other ventures, the company is now equipped with enough funding to continue its upward trajectory. “We started Purple Carrot to help people cook delicious plant-based meals that were not only good for them but also good for the environment,” Levitt said. “We’ve made incredible progress so far, and with this new round of funding from WindSail Capital, we will be able to make an even greater impact.” Vegan companies such as Califia Farms, Ripple, and Impossible Foods have all secured millions in funding from capital partners who believe plant-based foods will generate a profitable return on their investments.

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