Free dating app Veggly—which caters specifically to vegans and vegetarians—recently quadrupled its membership from 3,300 to 12,100 in just six months. The only vegan and vegetarian dating app available for both Android and iOS, Veggly was created to match daters with other like-minded vegans and vegetarians near them. The app allows users to create a profile and “like”  the people you see on the main page—which can be sorted by age and distance. When the person likes you back, you have a “Veg Match,” which allows the two of you to start chatting. “There is no better way to dating than going into it knowing the other person thinks and eats like you,” the website says. “You can share meals in peace and have a good time, knowing that you agree on such important things, such as saving the animals, your health, and the planet. Relationships with non-herbivores tend to always hit some obstacles that we believe can be avoided altogether, if you find the right plant-based match.” In 2017, dating app Veg launched in the Apple App store. Modeled after popular dating site Tinder, Veg includes similar features such as the ability to swipe right if you like a potential match and swipe left if you don’t.

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