Vegan Fashion Brand VAUTE Profiled on PBS

The brand’s founder Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart spoke about her mission to create functional and fabulous vegan clothes to eliminate animal cruelty in the fashion industry.


Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) recently debuted a mini-documentary about vegan fashion brand VAUTE Couture. The segment followed the brand’s vegan founder/former Ford model Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, who explained that she launched her company in 2009 with the mission to create warm, fashionable coats made without animal products. Host Minnie Roh took viewers into VAUTE’s New York City boutique and showed that the brand’s coats could withstand extreme temperatures by wearing one inside the frozen room at NYC’s Minus 5 Ice Bar, where the temperature was 18 degrees Fahrenheit. “I feel so fortunate that PBS wanted to feature VAUTE, but I feel even more fortunate that they gave us a chance to show the world how wool and down are made,” Hilgart said. “I started VAUTE to create something better than wearing animals so no one would need to, and also to spread awareness of how animals are treated like machines for fashion.”

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