Gone are the days of “pleather.” The uncomfortable, obviously synthetic material has been replaced by consciously produced, luxury vegan material that feels, endures, and looks like leather—without the cruelty. Countless designers are adopting this sustainable and more compassionate material, and these five brands represent just a few of our favorites for leather apparel and accessories.  

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1. Matt and Nat

When we started getting compliments from strangers for our gorgeous leather handbag, we knew sporting a vegan Matt and Nat bag was both a fashion statement and an opportunity to educate others about the benefits of vegan leather. The designer’s collection has expanded from women’s purses to shoes and accessories for both genders. Adorn yourself and your loved ones with a Matt and Nat leather belt, wallet, briefcase, jacket, and even a dog collar with a matching leather leash. 

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2. Desserto

One of the wonderful concepts behind vegan leather is that it seems to be manufactured from virtually any plant-based material. We’ve seen pineapple, mushroom, and apple leather, but the duo at Desserto are making this durable material out of cacti. As a relatively new business, the brand is only selling direct to designer, but we’re on the lookout for Desserto-made apparel in the near future. 

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3. Ananas Anam/Piñatex

When luxury brand Hugo Boss relies on a material, you know the quality is there. Piñatex is a vegan leather material made from pineapples, and like Desserto, the company (Ananas Anam) sells directly to designers. The material has been transformed into shoes, accessories, furniture, and apparel. For a full list of international brands that use Piñatex, visit the company’s designer page

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4. Will’s Vegan Store

Up until a few years ago, it was a true challenge to find vegan leather shoes of a certain quality. Will’s Vegan Shoes broke down the barrier with its durable, sleek-looking line of vegan leather men’s dress shoes and work boots. The company now offers an impressive range of everyday shoes, accessories, and sport-specific gear (hiking boots, trainers, active sandals, and more) for all genders. 

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5. Veerah

Vegan celebrity Evanna Lynch turned heads when she posted a photo of herself rocking a pair of stunning royal blue Veerah heels. The company uses apple leather to create its gorgeous line of jaw-dropping women’s footwear. From simple pumps to tassel-fringed stilettos, a pair of Veerah vegan leather shoes will make anyone feel like Cinderella.

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