Vegan Fish Steaks Launch at 150 British Pubs

Fish Steaks made by VBites—a vegan brand founded by vegan entrepreneur Heather Mills in 1993—are now on the menu as vegan Fish and Chips at Greene King Flaming Grill.


Restaurant chain Greene King Flaming Grill added Making Waves vegan Fish Steaks to the menu of its nearly 150 locations in the United Kingdom. Making Waves is a vegan seafood line made by British brand VBites which was founded in 1993 by vegan entrepreneur Heather Mills, who was once married to Paul McCartney. While each Green King location will prepare the new menu item in its own unique way, the Brighton and London branches are currently using VBites’ Fish Steaks (made from a combination of konjac, tapioca, and wheat) to make a vegan version of traditional English dish Fish and Chips served with a side of mushy peas. The pioneering plant-based brand’s products—which include vegan sausages, burgers, pâté spreads, cheeses, and pizzas—are currently distributed in 24 countries. Mills recently purchased the brand’s third vegan production facility in England where she will establish Vbites Ventures to help other plant-based companies grow. “VBites is aiming to bring jobs back to the area since numerous companies have left to manufacture in Europe from the impending threat of Brexit,” brand representative Jasper Knight told VegNews. “At the new factory, Mills wants to help incubate small plant-based start-up companies so they can thrive without being controlled by hedge funds and private equity.”

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