Although the Brits have not always been known for their culinary inventions, London is no longer the brunt of the joke for its food scene (or lack thereof). The city has massively improved its dining options, jostling for position as not only a historic destination, but a respected food town. With over 100 fully vegan restaurants, it is very likely the rise of plant-based cuisine helped heighten London’s foodie status. 

London’s culturally diverse crowds and resulting fusion food enliven the taste buds in every part of town. From Indian to tacos to the traditional fish ‘n’ chips, the city is swimming with options. Here are 10 of the eateries we feel give you the most diverse and delicious bite to help you understand the breadth of London’s vegan restaurants.  ​

Vegnews.holycarrotHoly Carrot

1 Holy Carrot 

From dishes that look almost too pretty to eat to mesmerizing cocktails inspired by tarot cards, this small Knightsbridge restaurant is sure to make an impression. The food tastes as exquisite as it looks, and the friendly staff and inviting ambiance add to the British charm. Don’t sleep on the Purple Potato Croquettes, Maki Platter, or dessert menu. Make sure to book a reservation since it’s unsurprisingly popular.
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Vegnews.clubmexicanaClub Mexicana

2 Club Mexicana 

For most, London is not the place that comes to mind when they think of tacos, but this vibrant spot with locations in Knightly Court and Seven Dials Market wants to change that. The Jackfruit ‘Ribs’ tacos deliver, with a punch, Club Mexicana’s mission of big, bold flavors. The carne asada and loaded nachos should be on your radar as well. When it comes to refreshments, frozen margaritas and Micheladas are sure to liven your spirits. Note: you’ll probably need a reservation.
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3 Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner 

This colorful spot will bring back all the nostalgia one can only associate with a diner. Dubbed the first vegan diner in London, Rudy’s is filled with all the American classics such as burgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and the most scrumptious mozzarella sticks you’ll ever have. Add a milkshake and you’ll practically feel like you’re in the US. Rudy’s is located inside Camden Market which is an experience in itself and a great way to walk off a heavy meal.
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Vegnews.stemandgloryStem and Glory

4 Stem & Glory 

If fusion food is what you’re after, Stem & Glory is where you need to go. The extensive menu offers a wide range of small plates such as kimchi pancakes and BBQ cauliflower wings to larger ones like the pumpkin ravioli. Their beautiful vegetable-forward dishes are delicious and filling, but please save room for dessert. From a luscious chocolate hazelnut torte to glazed crème brûlée, it’s the perfect way to end the night. Stem & Glory has two locations throughout London and one in Cambridge. 
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Vegnews.fieldsbeneathThe Fields Beneath

5 The Fields Beneath

This lovely vegan café is tucked away in Kentish Town but it’s so worth the visit if you’re nearby. It adopted a fully vegan kitchen in 2017 and offers an assortment of breakfast sandwiches, croissants, salads, and coffee beverages with all the plant milk options. We highly recommend trying as much as you can, but the Croissant Tofu Egg Sandwich is a must. The Fields Beneath also specializes in natural wine, for those in the mood for something other than an oat milk latte. There’s dog-friendly outside seating for the nice weather days. 
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Vegnews.veganthaiVegan Thai

6 Vegan Thai 

Vegan Thai is another gem inside Camden Market. You can find affordable, delicious, and authentic vegan Thai food at this stall located in the Asian alley. The Pad Thai is highly recommended for a filling and complete meal, but it’s hard to go wrong here. Expect lots of noodles, fried tofu, and the occasional fresh salad.  
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Vegnews.mogliMowgli Street Food

7 Mowgli Street Food

Some consider coming to London and not eating Indian food a missed opportunity. Mowgli Street Food offers a bit of a different yet fun concept of tapas-style Indian food. Although not fully vegan, there is a separate vegan menu with a wide range of options, so vegan customers can enjoy as much freedom of choice as their omnivorous dining companions. The vegan Yogurt Chat Bombs and tamarind fries are a must. There is one location in London and several throughout the UK.
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Vegnews.donuttimeDoughnut Time

8 Doughnut Time 

Doughnut Time is highly rated by vegans and for a good reason. It is not a fully vegan place but the number of enticing-looking vegan options can invoke decision paralysis. The flavors rotate, but a few favorites include the David Hasslehoff (a Biscoff-filled raised doughnut with a caramel glaze and buttercream), x4 Ice Ice Bae Bae (vanilla glazed topped with cookie dough chunks), and the ironically named Gordon Ramsay (jam-filled, strawberry glazed, and topped with a jam cookie). There are many locations throughout London, and you can also purchase vegan bundles online if you’re in the country.  
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9 Bubblewrap 

The bubble waffle went viral a couple of years ago and has gained momentum all over the world, but the original Bubblewrap in London is one of the very few snack shops that offers a vegan option. The suggested plant-based menu item includes dairy-free pistachio ice cream, raspberries, and chocolate drizzle, though customers are encouraged to mix and match their waffle with a variety of ice creams and toppings. Go wild with nuts, sauces, and Oreo cookie pieces to create your ultimate dessert. 
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10 Afternoon Tea at TING 

For an unforgettable, albeit extravagant, afternoon tea experience with panoramic views of London, make a reservation at TING inside of Shangri-La at the Shard. There is a vegan afternoon tea option full of decadent miniature desserts, finger sandwiches, and of course an array of tea options. Note: this isn’t your quaint, cottage-style tea with dollies and ancient teaware—this is tea time redefined in a modern, adventurous culinary era. Enjoy. 
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