The 10 Best Vegan Products at Natural Products Expo West

From plant-based tuna to birthday cake blondies, here are our Best of Show Winners from this year’s Natural Products Expo West.


Vegan products dominated this year’s Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest trade show for all things related to natural living, and VegNews editors sampled them all. Out of thousands of innovative and game-changing products, we awarded our 11th annual Best of Show Awards to these 10 incredible new vegan products. Our 2018 VegNews Best of Show Winners will be featured in the July+August edition of the magazine! Subscribe now to ensure you receive this very special issue.

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1. Sweet Earth Foods Veggie Lovers Pizza
Featuring creamy cauliflower sauce, Follow Your Heart’s vegan cheese, zesty sauce, and roasted vegetables (broccolini, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, and corn) on a corn-carrot-chia crust, this next-level pizza has won over our taste buds with its incredible ingredients and flavor.

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2. Beyond Meat’s Beyond Sausage
Beyond Meat, a true game-changer in the vegan meat industry, has done it again with its new plant-based sausages. Available in three flavors—Brat Original, Hot Italian, and Sweet Italian—they will be stocked in the meat section at grocery stores by this summer.

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3. Plant Snacks Beet with Vegan Goat Cheese Cassava Root Chips
Cassava Crunch has undergone a plant-based revolution, debuting its newly-made vegan “goat cheese chips” at this year’s Expo. If you need us, we’ll be stocking up on these cheesy chips for our snack stash.

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4. Clif Fruit Smoothie Filled Bars
Fruit smoothies inside a bar? Yes, please! These nutrition bars come in three flavors—Wild Blueberry Açaí, Strawberry Banana, and Tart Cherry Berry—and will make the perfect fuel for our next hike.

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5. Bhakti Iced Chais with Cashew Milk
Bhakti paired with Elmhurst Milked to create these spiced and subtly sweet brewed chai drinks (now available in 12-ounce bottles) that we just can’t stop sipping. The new mocha flavor enchanted us with it’s melding of chocolate and ginger.

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6. Alter Eco’s Coconut Clusters
Fair-trade chocolate and crispy coconut flakes are one of our favorite flavor combinations, and now we can snack on them every day thanks to Alter Eco. The Cherry + Almond Butter flavor is our personal favorite, but we’re also head over heels for the Seeds + Salt and Original flavors.

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7. McConnell’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Line
We were completely blown away when we stumbled across McConnell’s new dairy-free line of ice cream. This 70-year-old dairy company has made its first steps into the non-dairy industry with five flavors of vegan ice cream: Dark Chocolate Chip, Eureka Lemon & Marionberries, Turkish Coffee, Cookies & Cream, and Toasted Coconut Almond Chip.

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8. Good Catch’s Fish-Free Tuna
Vegan seafood is the future of food, and Good Catch is getting in on the game with its incredible plant-based tuna. The “naked in water” flavor is specially formulated for chefs and home cooks as a neutral tuna option for use in a multitude of creative dishes.

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9. Alpha Foods Vegan Burrito Line
Widely available at Walmart, these plant-powered burritos come in creative flavors such as Philly Sandwich and Pizza. We’re filling our freezer with these delicious (and budget-friendly) quick meals for the perfect on-the-go option.

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10. Rule Breaker Snack’s Birthday Cake Blondies
Last but most definitely not least, we’re obsessed with these new Birthday Cake bean-based blondies. They’re designed to be school-safe (free of the top allergens) and make a delicious, healthy sweet snack for adults and kids alike.
Sarah McLaughlin is an assistant editor at VegNews who enjoyed sampling all of these incredible products at Natural Products Expo West.

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