British Kids Ditched 82 Million Yogurt Servings in 2017

New research shows a slump in yogurt sales across the United Kingdom as consumers shift to non-dairy alternatives.


New research compiled by analytics firm Kantar Market Research found that residents of the United Kingdom, particularly children, decreased their consumption of dairy-based yogurt by millions of units between 2016 and 2017. Analysts found that children consumed yogurt on 82 million fewer occasions during that time period, with overall volume sales decreasing by 1.3 percent. “Children consuming less yogurts and chilled desserts presents a challenge for the market,” Kantar Analyst Bertie Lewis said. The report found that adults in the UK consumed yogurt on 73 million fewer occasions during lunch 11 fewer occasions during dinner. Popular brands in the UK saw rapid declines in sales during the time period, including Müller, which experienced an approximately 11-percent drop. Conversely, non-dairy alternatives have become so popular in the UK that last year (and for the first time) almond milk was added to the country’s “shopping basket,” an annual survey that identifies the most popular consumer trends.

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