Vegan egg replacer JUST Egg was recently featured on “The Voters” episode of the second season of The Politician, a popular dramedy on Netflix. The series follows Payton Hobart (Ben Platt), a student at New York University who is running for the New York State Senate to unseat longtime incumbent Dede Standish (Judith Light). The scene opens with Standish supporter Andi Mueller (Robin Weigert) preparing the vegan eggs in a scramble that she serves to her daughter Jayne Mueller (Susannah Perkins) who is a Hobart campaign volunteer. 

JUST Egg on Netflix’s The Politician from JUST on Vimeo.

The scene goes on to explore current issues such as political tensions and climate change. “The world is going to end in ten years, mom,” Jayne says while eating her JUST Egg scramble. “I am barely a boomer, ok, so don’t throw that sh*t at me,” the mother replies. When Jayne points out that her mother does not properly recycle her toothbrush, Andi goes on a tirade about her eco-friendly practices. “I’m always screwing it up. I tried recycling, not enough. I got a goddamn compost bin under the sink, not enough. I cook you vegan eggs, whatever the f*ck those are, and still I am the problem.” Andi then calls Jayne “naive” for thinking she knows everything at such a young age. “We’re not naive, mom, we’re informed,” Jayne responds. “You had, what, like two newspapers and three networks. I’ve got a supercomputer in my pocket. The least informed person my age knows more than the most informed person your age.” 

When it’s not starring in popular television series on Netflix, JUST Egg is available at grocery stores nationwide for $4.99 per bottle (35 percent cheaper than its launch price) and in a new folded JUST Egg format. Since its launch in the retail sector in April 2019, JUST Egg has sold the vegan equivalent of 40 million chicken eggs—representing a savings of 1.48 billion gallons of water (the equivalent of filling 1,900 Olympic-sized pools); 2,036 acres of land; and 5 million kilograms in carbon dioxide emissions (the equivalent of driving 12 million miles in an average car).

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