Vegan savate fighter James Southwood recently won Gold at the Budapest Open championships in Hungary. Savate is a French martial art that combines English boxing with French kicking. Vegetarian since birth, 39-year-old Southwood went vegan as a teenager and has racked up countless athletic championships since then. He is a former World Champion, World Bronze medallist, multiple Great British Champion, and former European Vice Champion. At the Budapest Open, Southwood faced a French fighter first, moved on to beat a Serbian athlete, and then won against a Hungarian fighter to finally win Gold overall. “I was pleased more with my students from the London club, all of whom fought with great spirit and energy, two gaining gold along with me,” Southwood told sport and fitness website Great Vegan Athletes. “We received several compliments from other coaches about the standard of competition, which is the real reward after all their well-delivered effort.”

Photo credit: London Savate

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