Vegan Meat and Dairy Store Now Open in Copenhagen 

Naturli’s vegan deli meats, ground beef, and ice cream are now available at the company’s flagship grocery store in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it will develop new products based on customer feedback. 


Danish brand Naturli’ Foods has just opened a vegan grocery store in Copenhagen, Denmark, where it sells the company’s 40-item product line including ground meat, butter, ice cream, deli slices, nutrition bars, and beverages. In addition to serving as a retail space for current products, Naturli’ CEO Henrik Lund plans to use the store as a way to interact with customers to help the brand develop new foods based on in-person feedback. In January, Nutrili’s Hakket—a Beyond Meat-inspired vegan ground beef made with soy, wheat, almonds, mushrooms, beets, and tomatoes—debuted in the meat department of 600 locations of Danish supermarket chain Dansk Supermarked before expanding to 400 locations of United Kingdom chain Sainsbury’s in June. Stateside, Lund is currently testing samples of the brand’s plant-based meat alternatives at undisclosed locations with the aim of launching Naturli’ in the United States.

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