Kat Von D Will Raise Her Baby Vegan

The pregnant vegan beauty mogul assured fans that her baby boy will be an animal activist.


Vegan entrepreneur Kat Von D and her husband, musician Rafael Reyes, recently announced that they are expecting. “It’s a boy,” Von D captioned a photo of herself and Reyes on Instagram. Many of the beauty mogul’s 6.6 million followers sent congratulatory comments, with the exception of a few who criticized the outspoken animal-rights activist for “undoing her veganism,” by claiming that having a child would increase her carbon footprint. “I haven’t ‘undone my veganism’ in any way,” Von D responded. “If anything, I am excited about promoting a vegan pregnancy and raising an animal-rights activist. I don’t think you realize when you talk to people like that, you actually can do more harm in changing people’s mind towards veganism than you do in actually helping.” In recent years, Von D has used her fame to promote veganism in myriad ways. In 2016, she announced that she would reformulate her cosmetics brand Kat Von D Beauty to be fully vegan, continually supports animal-rights organization Mercy For Animals, and is planning to debut a 28-style, unisex vegan shoe line later this year.