New Vegan Cooking Show to Debut on Roku

Host Mario Fabbri welcomes celebrities, doctors, and athletes to learn the basics of plant-based cooking on his new show Trying Vegan with Mario.


New vegan cooking show Trying Vegan with Mario will debut on streaming service Roku this spring. The trailer for the show features host Mario Fabbri cooking vegan recipes with guest stars such as sibling-musical duo Krewella, Joel Fuhrman, MD, the host’s mother Cindy Fabbri, and Instagram sensation Devyn Howard of @diningwithdeyvn. “On my show, I bring guests into my kitchen to cook vegan food,” Fabbri said. “The guests range from vegan experts to celebrities [and] athletes who don’t eat vegan but are interested in trying out vegan foods. My goal is to inspire people to be more aware of where their food is coming from and eat more environmentally conscious.” New vegan cooking shows have emerged in recent months, including Cleveland-based comedian Dave Huffman’s new YouTube series Bitchy Vegan Homo.

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