Non-profit advocacy group Vegan Outreach has delivered 30,000 vegan meals and groceries to food insecure communities impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The deliveries were made through its new program Vegan Food Aid, which was funded by a donor foundation that wishes to remain anonymous. 

“It’s been remarkable to see this program come together thanks to our incredible funder and the resilience of our employees, who have put all their energies into making a difference for those suffering from the pandemic,” Lena Ludwig, Executive Vice President at Vegan Outreach, said. “We’re in a position to continue our mission to end animal suffering and help get vegan food into the homes of those who need it most.”

Through its Vegan Food Aid program, Vegan Outreach delivered meals and groceries to a number of organizations and direct communities, including farmworker families in Dixon, CA; Navajo Nation and the Peace and Justice Center in New Mexico; families at Black Women for Wellness in Los Angeles, CA; local nonprofits serving trans, migrant, and indigenous communities in Monterrey, Mexico; and farm workers in Iowa through a partnership with historic Latino civil-rights group League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)—which launched its new Boycott Meat campaign this week to bring awareness to the plight of meatpacking workers, approximately 100 of which have died thus far due to COVID-19. 

“The pandemic forced us to shift the majority of our outreach to effective online programs like 10 Weeks to Vegan, but it doesn’t provide work for as many people,” Ludwig said. “The Vegan Food Aid project has given our organization a unique opportunity to build new bridges with sister movements and local businesses while retaining our staff.”

Vegan Outreach plans to continue its new program throughout 2020 and potentially longer.

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