On April 17 and 18, visitors and speakers at this year’s TED Conference in Canada will be treated to vegan sushi rolls stuffed with quinoa and plant-based tuna. The dish is a collaborative effort between Canadian brand Top Tier Foods and United States-based vegan company Ocean Hugger Foods. For its part, Top Tier Foods contributed its Sushi Quinoa, a quinoa product that is specially developed for the sushi industry that can be used in place of sushi rice. Ocean Hugger’s “ahimi”—a vegan ahi tuna made from tomatoes—rounds out the dish. “One of the great things about Sushi Quinoa is that it allows the chef to create unique vegan and vegetarian options using quinoa as the high-protein vehicle,” TopTier Foods President Blair Bullus told media outlet Straight. “Wildly popular [ahimi], along with Sushi Quinoa, create an option for people seeking a meatless alternative that tastes just like an ahi tuna roll with a similar nutritional profile but without fish or rice.” This year’s annual TED Conference focuses on the theme “Bigger Than Us” and features more than 70 speakers and more than 1,000 visitors.

Photo credit: Top Tier Foods

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