Vegan race car world champion Lewis Hamilton recently partnered with fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger to launch a vegan fashion collection for Spring 2020. The collection, called TommyXLewis, debuted at a minimal runway show in London, England, featuring casual clothes such as tracksuits, oversized T-shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, a utility vest, trousers, sneakers, sunglasses, and baseball caps. An important element Lewis pushed for the collection was using more sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled water bottles, and vegan down made by eco-friendly materials company Sorona. “We’re trying to push everything, using modern fabrics—recycled cotton and denim, organic cotton, plant-based fabrics. All our down is vegan, and we just got an award for all the vegan shoes and boots we do,” Hamilton told media outlet WWD. The collection—which was modeled on the runway by fashion icons such as Naomi Campbell—also featured a collaboration within the collaboration, TommyXLewisXH.E.R., with singer H.E.R., who helped create some of the graphic neon pieces seen on the runway.

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