California-based vegan food company Hodo Foods—which specializes in ready-to-eat meals and flavored tofu—recently launched its Chermoula Moroccan Tofu Cubes in 1,450 Target stores nationwide. The organic, firm tofu cubes—which are marinated in a blend of chermoula spices including coriander, paprika, garlic, and cumin—can be heated in five minutes and used in dishes such as salads, rice bowls, noodles, or wraps. “Hodo is proud to collaborate with Target to offer plant-based, culinary-forward products with clean, whole ingredients,” Hodo Founder Minh Tsai told VegNews. “Target grocery is known for curating a select lineup of convenient, prepared foods. Our new Moroccan Tofu Cubes have a perfect home where consumers are looking for healthy, protein-rich foods [that are] ready to eat in minutes.” Earlier this year, Hodo redesigned its logo and packaging to include bold, vibrant, and modern elements, with photography that showcases product serving suggestions. The redesign was followed by the launch of its tofu cubes in three flavors: Chermoula Moroccan, Spicy Harissa, and Southern Barbeque. Hodo products such as Thai Curry Nuggets, Sesame Yuba, Moroccan Tofu Cubes, and Braised Tofu are also available at 500 Whole Foods Markets nationwide. Target’s selection of vegan products has vastly expanded in recent months and now includes a seven-flavor ice cream line under its private label Archer Farms.

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