10 Juice Cleanses We Love

This year, our spring cleaning includes detoxifying our bodies, clearing our minds, and hydrating our skin.


Spring is a time when we streamline our closets, tidy up our living spaces, and clear out our cluttered pantries. But what about our bodies? We think spring is the perfect time to flush out the remnants of those Netflix-binge snacks, cold-weather cocktails, and comforting casseroles to reboot our systems and ready our bodies for the sunny outdoors. Sure, our kidneys are already hard at work cleansing our insides, but they could use some help, which is where juicing comes into play. We enjoy our juices raw and cold-pressed for maximum nutrition and—while it might take some getting used to—packed with savory greens and minimally sweetened. Whether you’re drinking your nutrients for three days, five, or more, these 10 picks for spring juice cleanses will have your body refreshed and revitalized just in time for summer. Unfortunately, these cleanses won’t help organize your closet, but all of them do ship direct to your door.
The cleanse: Suja Juice
The price: $48 per day
How long: 1–5 days
This San Diego-based beverage company got its start by delivering juices locally via skateboard, but quickly grew to be recognized as one of America’s Most Promising Companies of 2015 by Forbes. In addition to pressed probiotic waters, juices, and protein shakes in a wide range of flavors, Suja Juice offers two affordable cleanse pack options. The first (Original Fresh Start) is ideal for beginners, while the Core Fresh Start is geared toward hard-core juicers. Don’t want to commit to just liquids? Suja’s 1-Day Renewal kit includes three juices and a vegan-forward meal plan that includes recipes, shopping lists, and helpful tips to ease into cleansing with a few nibbles in between.
The cleanse: Pressed Juicery
The price: $72 per day
How long: 1–5 days
Started in Los Angeles by three juice-loving friends, Pressed Juicery holds its products to the highest standard—even commissioning the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine to ensure their high-pressure juicing process retained the highest number of nutrients. All juices are classified as “greens,” “roots,” or “citrus” and presented at three different levels. The first includes two satiating almond milks for those with hunger concerns or higher caloric needs, while the third level includes more cleansing, low-calorie green juices. Additionally, the company recommends users consume one bottle each of the brand’s aloe vera and chlorophyll cleanse water for maximum hydrating nutrition.
The cleanse: Urban Remedy
The price: $75 per day
How long: 1–20 days
Healthy food company Urban Remedy offers four cleanses that serve as remedies for anything that might ail you. For liver detoxification, the Purify Cleanse incorporates ingredients such as dandelion greens, burdock root, and turmeric to flood the body with phytonutrients, polyphenols, and antioxidants. Other options include the Low-Glycemic, Super Green, and Refresh Cleanses along with a selection of tinctures formulated for specific results such as de-stressing, detoxing, and immuno-boosting. Urban Remedy—which also specializes in meal plans complete with prepared dishes such as collard wraps, veggie pad Thai, and various salads—is endorsed by supermodel Cindy Crawford, who found healing in the brand’s cold-pressed juices.

The cleanse: Juice RX
The price: $69.99 per day
How long: 1–7 days
The juice doctors at Juice RX offer a range of pre-set cleanses—Seasonal, Green, or Super Green—with six juices per day in flavors such as Rejuva-Root, post-workout rehydrator Cucumber Mint Electrolyte Boost, and Liquid Manna, each loaded with at least nine servings of fruit and vegetables. The best part? In addition to building your own custom cleanse, swapping flavors in the set cleanses is allowed, so you can double-up on your greens or take a sweeter fruit approach.
The cleanse: Project Juice
The price: $75 per day
How long: 1–5 days
One thing we love about Project Juice is its Seasonal Reset Cleanse, which utilizes the best produce currently available to bring the freshest spring ingredients into every bottle. Every day includes five juice blends—which currently include Green Lemon, Pomegranate Ginger, Green Ginger, The Master, and Sweet Greens—and one satiating Cashew Mylk. Drinking each day’s allotment of juices is the equivalent of consuming 20 pounds of pressed organic produce. You can have your cleanse shipped anywhere in the US, or you can visit one of the Northern or Southern California retail locations where you can pick up wellness shots, smoothies, vegan food, and (of course) plenty of cold-pressed juice.
The cleanse: Jus by Julie
The price: $50 per day
How long: 1–5 days
Julie’s Jus is blended fresh every morning in a way that retains the fiber of whole ingredients such as kale, spinach, and pomegranate to help users stay satisfied throughout the day. Each juice is numbered in the optimal order of consumption, with the Sweet Spin—made with kale, spinach, banana, pineapple, mango, and rice milk—as a vitamin-packed breakfast starter; green-and-berry blends for lunch; and a hearty choice of PB&Jus, Matcha Chia, or Choco-Nana (fortified with healthy fats) to end the day. And for those who want more than juice, the company recently introduced a line of vegan soups—including Gazpacho, Red Lentil, and Pumpkin Coconut Bisque—for those who’d like to detox with something spoonable.
The cleanse: Daily Greens
The price: $96
How long: 4 days
Divided into four distinct seasonal cleanses, Daily Greens’ programs are designed to give your digestive system a break with three juices per day coupled with lemon water, green tea, and raw fruit and vegetables. The Spring Cleanse consists of 12 16-ounce green juices in three flavors—ranging from sweet to savory—to be consumed during the course of four days in combination with raw recipes featured on Daily Greens’ blog. The company also offers a free 20-minute cleanse consultation with registered nutritionist Lauren Minchen with the purchase of a cleanse kit.
The cleanse: Blueprint
The price: $65 per day
How long: 1–3 days
Blueprint is all about cleanses designed for your level of juicing experience. From green beginners to juice-guzzling junkies, the system is divided into six levels. Level one (“Invigoration”) consists of six sweet juices that allow users to keep some of their vices (hello, Coffee Cashew Cinnamon Vanilla!) while reaping the benefits of a liquid diet. Level six (“Inspiration”), however, removes sugary habits thanks to five super green juices—which are heavy on the watercress, kale, and dandelion greens—along with one creamy cashew milk to take off the edge.

The cleanse: Living Greens Juice
The price: $186 per day
How long: 1–5 days
To guarantee optimum freshness, Living Greens Juice delivers its cleanses in glass bottles fresh every day and picks them up at the end of the cleanse. In addition to three 16-ounce juices, two 8-ounce juices, and two brewed teas, the cleanse includes a four-ounce shot of aloe to aid digestion, a 16-ounce potassium broth made with a touch of Braggs Liquid Aminos to remove toxins and maintain a healthy nervous system, eight ounces of fresh cracked young Thai coconut water to balance body pH, a probiotics supplement to promote gut health, and one lemon just for funsies. From your body to the environmental benefits, this cleanse is feel-good in every way.
The cleanse: On Juice
The price: $33–$49 per day
How long: 3–14 days
From basic to goal-specific, On Juice offers a wide range of programs featuring four raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized juices per day. Preparing for your wedding? The Bridal Cleanse includes four green juices to get your skin, body, and mind ready for the big day. One too many birthday margaritas? The Hangover Cure Cleanse features juices packed with fruit and vegetables that are high in calcium and magnesium to remove toxins from a battered body. The On Juice Signature Cleanse is designed for first-timers, but it will make all users glow from the inside out.

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