5 Life-Changing Vegan Meals in Los Angeles

With thousands of options, what are the go-to plant-based meals in the City of Angels?


From superfood-infused breakfasts to indulgent food-truck finds and everything in between, the Los Angeles vegan food scene is varied, inventive, and the hottest in the country. But … where to start? We turned to the city’s superstar plant-based influencers to let us in on their go-to vegan meals. Next time you’re in Tinseltown, print out this list and let it be your guide. Be warned: This will make you hungry.

1. Locali’s Reuben Sandwich (Multiple locations)
“Between two buttered slices of toasted rye bread is the yummiest flavor combo of tangy sauerkraut, gooey vegan cheese, Russian dressing, and vegan deli meat. It’s the best Reuben this side of the Statue of Liberty.”
Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen founder Yvonne Ardestani

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2. Cena Vegan’s Carne Asada Burrito (Multiple locations)
“Loaded with rice, beans, seasoned seitan, chipotle cashew crema, and a heaping portion of guacamole, this burrito at Cena Vegan’s pop-up in Highland Park tops my list of all of the food I’ve tried in Los Angeles.”
—Food photographer Chris Petrellese

3. SunCafe’s Mac & Cheese (Studio City)
“The classic mac and cheese—baked in a cast-iron skillet with quinoa pasta, tomatoes, and cashew sauce—is my go-to. And they have happy hour every day!”
Vegan Street Fair founder Jessica Schoech

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4. Shojin’s Spicy Baked Scallop Roll (Multiple locations)
“Torched at the table, this spicy tofu avocado roll is topped with smoky mushrooms, onions, and the restaurant’s signature Dynamite Sauce. Service is top notch, too.”
—VegNews Food Editor Jennifer Chen

5. Crossroads’s Chicken & Waffles (West Hollywood)
“For brunch, I love the vegan fried chicken and waffle plate served with hot sauce infused maple syrup.”
—Celebrity vegan chef Leslie Durso

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Photo courtesy of Keepin’ It Kind

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