Sneak Preview: What’s on the Menu at Chloe Coscarelli’s NYC Restaurant?

The 27-year-old chef is the latest to make the leap from cookbook author to restaurant owner, with her first New York eatery opening this month.


We’ve been following vegan cookbook author Chloe Coscarelli since she won a Los Angeles sandwich-making contest back in 2010, which explains our excitement when we heard the 27-year-old chef was venturing into the world of brick and mortar. Opening this month in New York City, by CHLOE is a 100-percent vegan eatery where all menu items—including pastas, bread, condiments, nut milks, and cheese—will be made from scratch. With three cookbooks and a win on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars” highlighting her resumé, we had to know more, so we arranged for a sneak peak of the by CHLOE menu. Needless to say, it looks awesome.

Here are 10 items that have us frantically searching the internet for the cheapest flights to NYC.

1. Kale Ice Cream
Attention future by CHLOE’S servers: we will not be needing menus as we already know what we want. And what we want is kale ice cream. We love kale, and we love ice cream, but we were unaware that kale ice cream was a thing. Thanks to by CHLOE, it is! So keep those scoops coming.

2. Beet Ketchup
Also filed in the “that’s a thing?” category is beet ketchup. But the real question is: do we want sweet potato or original air baked fries with that?

3. Spicy Thai Salad
You had us at “apricot-sriracha glazed tempeh.”

4. Whiskey BBQ sandwich
No one at the VegNews office is a math whiz, but even we know grilled pineapple + sauteed kale + bourbon bbq = yes, please.

5. Smashed Avocado Toast
Ideal for breakfast but perfect any time of day, avocado toast is arguably the perfect meal.

6. Brunch
There’s no better combination in the English language than that of “vegan brunch,” and with cinnamon rolls, pancakes with whipped maple butter and coconut whipped cream, scrambled tofu, maple sausage, and quinoa hash browns, we’re probably skipping dinner the night before.

7. Kale Caesar
One of the requirements to work at VegNews is having to try every vegan Caesar salad in existence under the guise that eventually we will run a “top 10 vegan kale Caesar salads” story. So bring it on … for research purposes, of course.

8. Craft Bottled Beers and Wine
What’s better than eating kale ice cream, beet castup, avocado toast, and kale Caesar? Eating kale ice cream, beet ketchup, avocado toast, and kale Caesar with booze! And what’s even greater than the two-word combination of “vegan brunch?” The four-word combo of “vegan brunch with mimosas!”

9. The Classic Burger
Ordering a veggie burger is so 1995. However, when the patty in question is made from tempeh-lentil-chia-walnut, suddenly you’re dancing the Macarena and wondering what in the heck a Pokemon is.

10. Housemade Half & Half
This cashew and almond cream blend is so tempting we might start drinking coffee again. by CHLOE, will you please ship a case to California?