Scotland is vying to be the new vegan capital of the world. From vegan hotels to vegan-friendly school districts, the country is becoming progressively plant-based—and sharing its vegan bounty. To preview some of the innovative eats, Plant-Based Scotland will premiere several vegan products at this year’s Natural Products Expo East—a natural foods trade show taking place September 11-14 in Baltimore, MD. Here are seven craveworthy products we can’t wait to find on our local supermarket shelves.  


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1. Lil’ Pops
Think of this as a superfood popcorn. Lil’ Pops are made from popped sorghum instead of corn kernels. This ancient grain contains 22 grams of protein per cup, making this light and crunchy snack surprisingly protein-heavy. They’re intended for snacking, but we imagine they’d add some much-needed texture as a tomato soup topper. 


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2. MacSween Veggie Crumble
This vegan meaty crumble isn’t new—United Kingdom residents have been enjoying it for over 30 years—but the United States is getting its first taste. Made with a blend of vegetables, oats, legumes, and spices, this product is extremely versatile and can be used to create plant-based burger patties, stuffings, meatballs, and more. Veggie Crumble is currently available in US Fairway Markets with plans to expand in the near future. 


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3. Growers Garden Broccoli Crisps
How do you enjoy your broccoli? Steamed, roasted, or sauteed? Now, you can get your fill in chip form. These veggie-based chips (aka crisps) come in four familiar vegan flavors including Sour Cream & Chive, Cheese, Naked (plain), and Chili. They’re the perfect lunchbox snack for both kids and adults. 


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4. Nutcrafter Creamery 
While many supermarket shelves now display a bounty of vegan cheeses, there’s always room for more. Nutcrafter offers artisanal vegan cheeses ranging from mature aged varieties to ultra creamy soft spreads. We can’t wait to see the Aged Chive Chevre rounds, spreadable Cashew Fauxmage, and Vhalloumi blocks in our local grocer’s cheese aisle. 


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5. Drink Baotic
Once this product becomes available in the US, it is going to be our new on-the-go breakfast or between-meals snack. Think of it as a superfood smoothie packed in a convenient pouch. African baobab provides antioxidants to keep you feeling fine and energized in addition to four grams of fiber to stave away the hangries. While the packaging issue might be a concern, the pouches are all biodegradable and recyclable, which puts our minds at ease as we chug down one of the fruity flavors—from citrusy orange to sweet strawberry. 


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6. Sheese
While Nutcrafter excels in the gourmet vegan cheese category, Sheese provides a wide variety of allergen-friendly, cheesy products we use every day. The range includes slices, shreds, spreads, and wedges in over 20 flavors which melt and crumble just like their dairy-based analogues. We’re looking forward to making mature cheddar grilled cheese and smoked gouda mac and cheese once Sheese hits US shelves in the next few months. 


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7. Brite
Even vegans can feel a bit lethargic from time to time. Instead of reaching for that second or third iced coffee, this natural energy beverage can offer a boost without the jitters or crash. Made from matcha, green coffee, guarana, green tea, tropical fruit juice, and water, the drink promises lasting, sustained energy and even mood elevation. We’re heading to this booth at Expo East first to power up for the long day of new product discovery and plant-based samples. 


Suzannah Gerber  (Chef Suzi) is a Boston-based, plant-based food industry consultant, executive chef, author, and medical researcher, specializing in culinary medicine, sustainability, and food behavior. 

Photo credit: Nutcrafter Creamery

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