JUST has a problem … the vegan company made too many bottles of JUST Egg, and they reached out to VegNews to help them come up with a solution. While some bottles will be donated to local San Francisco food banks and others will be given away to fans, we couldn’t help but fantasize about the possibilities we’d have if we were given a factory supply of this astonishingly eggy product. Sure, the logistics still need a bit of work, but nevertheless, the concept is fun to think about. Enjoy these outlandish musings and find a recipe to replicate these ideas (at a much smaller scale) at home. 

1. Make the world’s largest vegan quiche
This could be a stellar opportunity to claim a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records. With the amount of product JUST needs to give away, we could easily create the World’s Largest Vegan Quiche, or even the World’s Largest Quiche, period. The current record was set in 1997 in France and it used 1,928 chicken eggs. Not cool. We’re setting records the humane way this time! 
Make it at home: This easy recipe for mini vegan quiches might be slightly more feasible. Perhaps start with these then build up to the world-record size. 

2. Hand out vegan McMuffins outside McDonald’s
If McDonald’s won’t give the people what they want, then we will. We’ll gather our staff and local vegan chefs to crank out thousands of vegan egg McMuffins—complete with vegan cheese—and win over all the McDonald’s customers that morning with a fresh, hot JUST Egg breakfast sandwich. With some hope, the corporation might realize how popular these vegan options are and start to implement some vegan changes. 
Make it at home: No recipe required. Toast a vegan-friendly English muffin, slather with vegan butter, and top with the scrambled JUST Egg, a slice (or two) of your favorite vegan cheddar, and gild the lily with a slice of vegan ham or Canadian bacon. Done. 

3. Bring back the vegan frittata
Omelets get all the attention, but its open-faced cousin, the frittata, also deserves a spot at the brunch table. We’ll throw a make-your-own frittata party and offer toppings galore—from melty vegan cheeses to vegan meats to a farmers’ market worth of veggies. Let’s bring back the frittata! 
Make it at home: You could substitute JUST Egg in your favorite vegan frittata recipe, or order a gourmet vegan meat and cheese JUST Egg frittata from The Butcher’s Son via Mlyk Guys. It’s our power brunch move.   

4. Make haystack-sized fried rice
Can you ever have too much fried rice? Okay, yes, it’s possible, but that’s what freezers are for. We’re imagining an impressive mound of fluffy, vegetable-packed fried rice coated with just the right amount of vegan egg—talk about the ultimate umami bomb. The only barrier is … where to find a giant skillet? 
Make it at home: Clean out your produce drawer and throw it all into this simple fried rice recipe. Make a double batch and freeze the rest. 

5. Create a French toast tower
It’s the eggy custard grilled to perfection that separates French toast from the everyday toast. This brunch staple is one of our favorite applications of JUST Egg, and we have quite the structure in mind. We’ll construct this tower of carbs with thick slices of vegan challah, cinnamon-spiked JUST custard, alternating layers of fresh strawberries and blueberries, a dusting of powdered sugar, a few generous dabs of vegan butter, and a beautiful cascade of maple syrup. We’re aiming for six feet high … minimum.  
Make it at home: Host a brunch or make French-toast-for-one with this classic recipe. It will be your new go-to whenever the craving hits.  

6. ‘Egg’ houses on halloween
While we don’t condone vandalism, the tradition of egging houses on Halloween is a long-standing past-time of hooligan trick-or-treaters. Since all of these musings are innocently hypothetical, we’d like to save a few bottles of JUST Egg to seek revenge on the shuttered houses on All Hallows Eve! 

7. Try ALL the baked good mixes
Many standard baking mixes are “accidentally vegan” but call for the addition of eggs. From staple Trader Joe’s mixes to the Duncan Hines boxed mixes of our youth, we’d love to spend hours in a test kitchen to determine which brands really do work with a vegan egg replacer—and which to not waste our resources on. At the end of it, we’d hold a vegan bake sale for a farm animal sanctuary. 
Make it at home: We’ve had success veganizing Miss Jones brownie and cake mixes. Give it a try! 

8. Give out breakfast burritos to the hungry
In the past, we’ve faced a moral conundrum when donating to charities that feed families in need. Of course, we want to support the cause, but there’s a good chance our donation could be going toward non-vegan food. With a case full of JUST Egg, we’ll team up with The Burrito Project—a Los Angeles-based vegan nonprofit that hands out vegan burritos to the hungry—and provide a nourishing vegan meal to those who need it most. 
Make it at home: You’ve got two options here. Simply scramble the JUST Egg and throw it into your favorite breakfast burrito recipe, or ask Veggie Grill to bring back its Breakfast Burrito. 

Tanya Flink is a Digital Editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

Photo credit: JUST

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