Grammy Award-winning vegan singer Lucas Meachem is performing in Romeo & Juliet at the San Francisco Opera this month. As a pre-show ritual, the opera baritone goes on a mission to find and eat a vegan Impossible Burger in every city he visits around the world. “Before a long night of opera, I need a meal that gives me lots of energy without making me too full,” Meachem said. “[The Impossible Burger] is a delicious burger made entirely from plants. It even bleeds like real meat. It’s loaded with B12, thiamin, and protein, all with half the fat of a regular burger and zero cholesterol…so [it’s a] pre-show meal win.” Meachem went vegan in 2016 after his doctor informed him he had high cholesterol. His vegan then-fiancée showed him several documentaries such as Forks Over Knives and Vegucated, and soon after adopting the vegan lifestyle and increasing his exercise routine he lost 50 pounds, increased his energy, cleared up his skin, and lowered his cholesterol dramatically.

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