Vegan Square Sausage Sandwich Takes Café by Storm

Glasgow’s Rose & Grant’s can’t keep up with the demand for new vegan menu item created by staff member.

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A newly added vegan menu item is receiving a slew of attention at Rose & Grant’s café in Glasgow, Scotland. Invented by vegan café staffer Caroline Melville, the vegan deep-fried sandwich features a soy-based square sausage—an animal-free take on a traditional Scottish breakfast dish. “I’ve never had a buzz like this over anything,” café owner Ben Rose said. Rose revealed that he sold more than 200 square sausages in five days, which had customers returning for more. “I came in early this morning to make more, and we had run out by 11am. I literally can’t keep up with demand.” As it turns out, Melville’s boyfriend proposed to her shortly after the vegan sandwich gained popularity. “That’s how special it is,” Rose said. Stateside, Cape Cod’s Local Scoop ice cream shop employee Diana Jeronimo recently concocted a coconut milk-based peanut butter vegan flavor that landed on the shop’s menu and did so well that the shop owner encouraged Jeronimo to create another fall flavor.

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