Vegan Story Goes Viral on New York Times

Glowing story about veganism hits number one on news site.


Wednesday’s New York Times exposé entitled “Vegans Go Glam” became the media brand’s most-emailed story on September 30, surpassing both “Syria, Obama and Putin” and “Pope Francis Met with Kim Davis.” The piece focused on vegan ultra-athlete Rich Roll and his mission to give vegan a “vogue-ish spin.” After marveling over the 48-year-old’s youthful “glow” and glamorous Malibu, CA home, writer Jeff Gordinier highlighted vegan blogs, authors, celebrities and restaurants such as Oh She Glows, Kathy Freston, Moby, and Crossroads to showcase the modernity and appeal of veganism beyond ethics. The article elicited enough (mostly positive) reader responses that The New York Times ran a second piece the following day to round-up reactions. In addition to this viral story, veganism has recently garnered increasing mainstream media attention by the likes of the Food and Wine Magazine, Buzzfeed, Yahoo, and CNN, to name a few.

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