Actors Maria Gabriela De Faria and Christian McGaffney’s first meeting on the set of a television show led to an instantaneous love affair that never stopped. Their love only grew over time, so to make it official, they hosted a spectacular South American celebration, with guests traveling from near and far to the Chilean countryside. Friends and family indulged in classic Venezuelan dishes made vegan and a cannabis station overflowing with plant-based edibles. After the ceremony, the couple sparked off the night with a sexy salsa dance party, bringing the whole crowd to the floor. Things got so steamy that McGaffney and company decided to throw the bride into the pool. As the newlyweds splashed in the water, revelers jumped in to join them—the perfect cool-down to a very special day.

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The love story

The couple were inseparable from the moment they met, and moved in together the following week. “We just knew we wanted to be together from the very first night,” says De Faria.

The proposal

De Faria was prepared to propose on Christmas Eve, but McGaffney, without knowing his beloved’s intentions, preempted her marriage maneuver by popping the question exactly one day prior, on December 23.

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The Big Day

The guest list


The city

The couple originally planned to marry on the coast of their home country, Venezuela, but because of political unrest, they opted for gorgeous Algarrobo, Valparaíso in Chile instead.

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The venue

La Arbequina, a sprawling estate featuring acres of lush greenery, vineyards, and flower gardens, with a tiled outdoor dance floor to salsa in the sunshine

The décor

Aiming for zero waste, the pair avoided disposable decorations and instead embraced the venue’s bright outdoor spaces, complete with colorful canopied lounge areas that offered warm ambiance while keeping the carbon footprint low.

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The music

The DJ played Latin American dance tracks specially curated by the couple, including reggaeton, vallenato, and bachata music.

The personal touch

For the afterparty, De Faria slipped into a specially designed dress made entirely with the fabric of her mother’s original wedding gown.

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The food

  • Stuffed mini bell peppers in a Carménère red wine reduction
  • Mini potato omelettes with panela-caramelized onions
  • Tempura eggplant with avocado dipping sauce
  • Teriyaki tofu sushi with fresh cucumber and roasted peanuts
  • Almond cheese with sage syrup
  • Peanut feta with herb oil
  • Cheese spread with nuts, lavender, and vodka
  • Arepas with Peruvian corn, avocado, vegan mozzarella, vegan beef, mayonnaise, pesto, and honey mustard dressing
  • Eggplant moussaka en librillo
  • Brazilian seafood stew with oyster mushrooms
  • Vegetable ravioli with garden pesto
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Tempeh with red rice and truffles

The dessert

  • Dulce de leche sweet potatoes
  • Arroz con leche with caramelized almonds
  • Bittersweet chocolate mousse with lavender sauce
  • Tofu cheesecake with cinnamon syrup
  • Amaretto trifle
  • Lucuma cupcakes
  • Dulce de leche sandwich cookies
  • Chocolate-sesame popsicles

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The eco-friendly venue La Arbequina uses its vast acres to grow everything from fields of fresh flowers to marijuana. When McGaffney and De Faria’s guests stopped lighting up the dance floor, they got groovy at the wedding’s weed station. Replete with infused cookies, truffles, and brownies, the station was surrounded with plenty of pillows piled on the floor—providing those who partook a cozy landing spot to enjoy the music and atmosphere. And for those feeling a bit more philosophical, a dedicated hookah-smoking attendant was seated at the center of the station with the sole role of talking to anyone who wanted to gab.

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The cake

The couple sliced and served a trio of almond sponge cakes layered with dulce de leche manjar, meringue, and peach-strawberry fillings.

The drinks 

Champagne, michelada cocktails, wine, beer, and fresh mint tea

The honeymoon

The couple has a getaway to Big Bear Lake planned, a ski resort area in Southern California that features a charming village and expansive lake. 

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