Vegan Willy Wonka Sweets Shop to Open in Glasgow

Chocolatier Adele Ralston—known in Scotland as “Vegan Willy Wonka”—is on a mission to open her own sweets shop filled with nostalgic plant-based confections.


Scottish chocolatier Adele Ralston—affectionately known as “Vegan Willy Wonka”—plans to open a candy store in Glasgow. Ralston started blog Vegan Burd as a food diary with the mission to normalize vegan food and show her followers that veganism is not difficult. Two years ago, she began making vegan versions of nostalgic chocolate bars—which are now available for purchase through Vegan Burd’s Etsy shop. “I get so much joy from making people happy with my junk food,” Ralston said. “From the beginning, my dream has been to have my own shop—a place for people to come and buy my treats and maybe hang out for a gab and a cup of tea. So, I’m making it happen.” Ralston recently launched a crowdfunding campaign, and contributors will have their names displayed on the walls once she opens the candy shop. “I bloody love what I do,” Ralston said, “and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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